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Developed within the Moscow Conceptual School since 1988. Artist Nikolai Panitkov, a co-founder of Collective Actions, founded the MANI Museum and is its chief custodian. The core of the collection, including more than 150 works by all the most significant Moscow Conceptualist School artists, samizdat books and documentation of the Moscow Conceptualists' cultural life, was compiled in the mid-1990s. The works were kept at Panitkov's dacha until 2004. In the early 2000s, the need to organise museum conditions to preserve the works became clear. E.K. Art Bureau has been responsible for managing the collection since 2004. The MANI and MANI Museum enjoy wide academic and cultural circulation.

Vigil. The "Mukhomor" group. 1980
Artists of the Moscow Conceptual School,
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